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Benefits of a Butcher Block Counter Top

Are you unsatisfied with the way your kitchen looks? Are you having trouble finding space in your kitchen to prepare food? Sometimes a well-designed kitchen is exactly the kind of inspiration a chef or a cook needs to prepare a delicious meal. A butcher block counter can turn a mediocre kitchen into a great one by adding both functionality and beauty. A butcher block counter brings an element of freshness to any kitchen as the presence of natural wood in the kitchen is far more appealing than that a tiled countertop. Butcher block counters can come in several different styles, and they can be made from different wood.

St. Charles Hardwoods is among the leading home renovation and lumber supply companies in the St. Louis area. Having been in the business since 1988, we have vast experience and expertise. We can supply a variety of top quality lumber products including custom butcher block counters. Whether it is related to creating custom butcher block counters or other custom woodwork for your home, St. Charles Hardware is fully committed to offering you, our professional expertise and products of the highest quality.

Advantages of A Butcher Block Counter

It is no surprise that butcher block counters are becoming a popular feature in many households. Besides being aesthetically astounding, butcher block counter tops are advantageous to the home owner and the avid cooking enthusiast in numerous ways. The following are some of the many benefits a butcher block counter:

  • From a standpoint of aesthetics, a butcher block counter can add immense value to your home. Having a modern butcher block counter can also increase the re-sale value of your home.
  • The right butcher block counter can be the perfect cutting surface. For example, a butcher block counter with the right grain pattern can be extremely accepting towards knife work and, with the right maintenance, counters can even ‘heal’ themselves.
  • Since a butcher block counter is essentially several slabs of wood fused together, it is an inexpensive choice relative to other types of countertops like granite. In some cases, butcher block counters can even be half the price of a conventional granite countertop.
  • Butcher block counters are simple to maintain and require only cleaning with soap and water after use. Applying mineral oil, once a month, to protect the wood will ensure that the counter will be functional and beautiful for years.
  • A butcher block counter that has experienced wear and tear can easily be re-finished with the use of sandpaper and oil. Sandpaper can be used to remove blemishes on the wood and to ensure that the surface remains flat. Oil ensures that moisture and bacteria is not absorbed by the wood.
  • A butcher block counter is often an environmentally conscious choice as many types of wood used in manufacturing butch blocks are now sustainably harvested.

Request Custom Butcher Block Counter Tops at St. Charles Hardwoods

Butcher block counters are available at St. Charles Hardwoods in several varieties. Hardwoods are typically used to make a butcher block counter, we offer butcher blocks in oak, cherry, maple hardwood, birch, and others. We offer both edge grain and end grain butcher block counters depending on the amount of cutting you will be using the counter for and the style you desire.

Contact St. Charles Hardwoods for the Best Butcher Block Counter Solutions

At St. Charles Hardwoods, our primary goal is to provide our customer with a product that fully matches his or her specifications. This consideration and respect towards the customer is what has propelled us to the heights we have reached as a leading lumber supply company in St. Louis. From butcher blocks to decking, all our products and services come with a guarantee of quality.

To learn more about our butcher block countertops or to place an order, contact us at (636) 717-1770 or (636) 926-2000 or come in to one of our St. Louis area stores today.