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Tips for Installing a Butcher Block Top on your Counter

A butcher block top can add natural style, warmth, and freshness to your kitchen, not to mention it is much less expensive than its alternatives. While granite and steel counters have their benefits and appeal, a wood butcher block top beyond its astounding aesthetic value is easy to maintain and extremely durable. Moreover, butcher block top counters are extremely practical for preparing food. For these reasons, many choose to install butcher block counters in their home.

Construction of Butcher block tops is one among several top of the line products and services that we offer at St. Charles Hardwoods. We can custom make butcher block tops in any size and to any specifications. To learn more about choosing and installing butcher block top counters in your home or to place an order for butcher block countertops, contact us or visit our St. Louis area stores today.

Installing a Butcher Block Top

At St. Charles Hardwoods, there is no question that you can find your ideal butcher block top. With a huge range of hardwoods to choose from and a team of friendly professional woodwork specialists, we can provide you with the perfect butcher block top for your home.

However, installing butcher block tops can be an arduous task if you are an amateur with limited experience. If you are planning on taking the do-it-yourself approach and installing butcher block top counters from St. Charles Hardwoods in your home, you should consider the factors below:

  • A butcher block top is essentially, layers of wood fused together to make a solid surface. Therefore, the first thing you will need to do is build a strong, sturdy, and flat base on which the butcher block top can be rested.
  • Most butcher block tops are used in food preparation. If you plan to use the butcher block top for cutting and food preparation, you should ensure that you use a wood finish that is not toxic and safe. If you are unsure, you will want to consult a woodwork specialist.
  • Overhang is another important aspect of installation of butcher block tops installation that is hugely important. Typically, you want a slight overhang over the end of the cabinets for an atheistic look. In some cases, you may also want to allow the butcher block top to create an extended over hang that can be used as a breakfast bar or table.
  • If you are installing a butcher block tops on a topless cabinet, you will want to create a blocking layer that can provide ample support to the countertop and reduce the pressure on the cabinets below.

Order Custom Butcher Block Top Counters from St. Charles Hardwoods

While installing a butcher block top is no easy job, neither is designing one. Choosing the kind of wood, the kind of grain structure, and the size of a butcher block top takes careful thought and planning. The butcher-block tops must be large enough that they can be used effectively in preparing food, they must be able to integrate features like a sink into the top if required, the grain structure must accommodate for knife-work if required, and the color and tone must compliment the rest of your kitchen as well.

St. Charles Hardwoods offers specialist advice and services with regard to butcher block tops. We can create a butcher block top perfectly customized to meet your standards and requirements. We offer butcher block tops made in hard maple, cherry, red oak, walnut, pecan, and several other kinds of wood. Additionally, we can integrate edge-grain or end-grain patterns into your butcher block tops.

To design the right butcher block top counters for your home, contact the professionals at St. Charles Hardwoods today!