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Buy Custom Butcher Block Tops

Many people are now integrating butcher block tops into their kitchen to help them in food preparation and serving and to enhance the appeal of the space. Butcher block tops add natural warmth to your home, which is lost with stone, granite, or tiled countertops. Apart from their visual appeal, butcher block tops are also very practical kitchen features, available in multiple styles and designs.

Butcher block countertops are among the most popular wood products that we, at St. Charles Hardwoods, supply. We can custom make butcher block tops using many different wood species and to meet any specifications. To learn more or to place an order, contact one of our St. Louis area hardwood stores today.

Designing Custom Butcher Block Tops for Your Counters

Since every individual and every home is unique, it only follows that every butcher block top we make must be customized to the requirements and tastes of each individual customer. Our teams of woodworking specialists work tirelessly to provide butcher block tops that meet the preferences of all our clients. Butcher block tops come in various styles and sizes, and butcher block tops can be customized in almost every possible way to suit the aesthetics of your home, and simultaneously, your culinary requirements.

Butcher block tops can vary widely in color ranging from pale beach to dark mahogany. Deciding on what color you would like your butcher block top to be can be difficult with a large variety of options available. The color of these countertops is determined by the type of wood or combination of wood that is used in constructing them. Therefore, the color that you choose for your butcher block top, determines the wood that will be used, and consequently the hardness of the countertop’s surface.

Hardness is another aspect of butcher block tops that should be considered carefully. Ask yourself how much cutting you will be doing on the surface of the countertop. Depending on that answer, you must choose either softwood or hardwood in its construction. Softwoods will absorb the impact of the knife much better than hardwoods. As a result, a knife will remain sharper longer when used on softwood. However, softwood butch block tops will receive more damage.

Probably the most important aspect of butcher block tops is their structure. This is how is the wood being aligned and fused together. There are primarily two kinds of structures for butcher block tops.

  • The first is known as edge-grain. This kind of structure uses strips of wood layered together along the wood grain pattern. These are good surfaces for cutting but will dull your knives over time.
  • The second structure is known as end grain. End grain butcher block tops are made using the smaller squares or rectangles of wood that are fused together. As a result, the grain direction is vertical instead of horizontal. This creates a checkerboard pattern. With this grain structure, knives can partially move through the board without damaging it. End grain butcher block tops are known for their self-healing capacities, as the wood grain can come back together once the knife-work is complete.

Finally, choosing the dimensions of a butcher block top carefully is vital. Butcher block tops should not hinder maneuverability in the kitchen. Moreover, thickness of butcher block tops is a good measure of durability.

Order Custom Butcher Block Tops From St. Charles Hardwoods

St. Charles Hardwoods can custom make butcher block tops of all types and styles. While hard maple is typically used in their construction, we also offer butcher block tops made in cherry, red oak, walnut, and pecan among many others. We can also make custom butcher block tops made with combinations of wood.

To learn more about the custom butcher block top options we have available, or to purchase custom butcher block counters for your home, contact us or visit our store today.