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Buy Hardwood Paneling in St. Louis

Are you looking to add a little character to your home? Hardwood paneling may be the perfect option for you. Wood paneling on walls or ceilings can add an element of traditional charm and elegance to an otherwise mundane room.

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we sell custom hardwood paneling in many different styles and varieties. This includes elegant cherry paneling or oak paneling for a more rustic look. We can also customize any wood paneling to meet our customers specifications and needs.

St. Charles Hardwoods is one of the premier woodworking and lumber suppliers in the St. Louis area. Initially starting out as a two man lumber supply company, we have grown into one of the most reputed stores in the region. St. Charles Hardwoods is built on a philosophy centered around our customers. We are fully dedicated in bringing you products and services from the best professionals using the best materials.

To learn more about the types of hardwood paneling we have available visit one of our St. Louis area stores or contact us by phone at 636-926-2000 or 636-717-1770.

Advantages of Hardwood Paneling

Hardwood paneling can come in a large variety of styles and colors. This versatility is one of the reasons that makes hardwood paneling a wise choice for your home. Since St. Charles Hardwoods and operates a local lumber mill, we are capable of customizing our hardwood paneling products to perfectly match any requirements.

Other advantages to using hardwood paneling over other alternatives include:

  • Beauty: The most substantial benefit of hardwood paneling is the aesthetic look that this can create. Hardwood paneling can be stained and varnished to match the existing woodwork in your home. The natural wood finish creates an elegant charm and beautiful look that cannot be achieve with other materials.
  • Easy Installation: One of the most popular hardwood paneling types is tongue and groove paneling. Tongue and groove paneling is a style in which two planks, one with a protrusion and the other with an indentation, are slotted together to create a larger surface. Another style of hardwood paneling is known as V joint paneling. Here, as the name suggests, wood is held together to form a V shape. Both these methods of hardwood paneling are simple and easy to install. In fact, depending on your level of skill, it is even sometimes possible to install these panels yourself.
  • Durability: Durability is another huge factor that should be considered when choosing your style of paneling. Hardwood paneling is long lasting and requires little maintenance. Hardwood paneling generally involves the use of finishes, stains, and paints that protect the wood from damage. With some routine maintenance, hardwood paneling can last for over twenty years.
  • Sustainability: Depending on the wood used to create the hardwood paneling, this can be an environmentally friendly option. Some woods, such as bamboo, are now able to be sustainably harvested. This ensures that the environment is protected.

Get Custom Hardwood Paneling from St. Charles Hardwoods in St. Louis

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we specialize in supplying all types of wood paneling and molding from a huge variety of wood species. We can supply custom hardwood paneling in all styles in order to meet your requirements and exact specifications. To learn more about the products we have available and to place an order, visit one of our stores or contact us today!