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Imported Plywood: Birch, Lauan, Poplar, & Bending Plywood

Imported Plywood: Baltic Birch, Lauan, & Bending Plywood

At St. Charles Hardwoods in St. Louis, we carry a complete selection of imported plywood in a variety of styles, thicknesses, and plies. We keep this imported plywood in stock in our St. Louis stores in order to meet any customer’s needs at any time. Our selection of imported plywood that we stock includes Baltic birch plywood, bending plywood, lauan plywood, and white birch cabinet grade plywood.

To learn more about any of the types and sizes of imported plywood that we carry in stock, please contact our hardwood lumber company or visit one of our St. Louis hardwood lumber stores today.

Our Imported Plywood Available in St. Louis Includes:

Baltic birch plywood is high quality plywood that is known for having multiple plies that are free of voids and imperfections. We carry a selection of imported Russian birch plywood in stock in a variety of plies and thicknesses.

We carry multiple types of birch and lauan plywood in stock that is easy to bend to make rounded corners or other decorative shapes. This includes plywood that bends in a tall column shape or a short barrel shape.

Lauan plywood is imported plywood that comes from trees grown in the southern pacific rim. This wood is soft and lightweight, which makes it useful for die cutting and many small applications including woodworking crafts and toy building. We carry both interior and exterior grade lauan plywood in stock.

White Birch Cabinet Grade Plywood

White birch can be used for a variety of applications including for making cabinetry, closets, and other types of furniture. This plywood has a nice wood surface and it can be stained for a beautiful finished look. We stock a vast selection of multi-ply veneer white birch plywood, which includes up to 300 – 400 sheets of each type, including:

  • ¼” x 4’ x 8’ VC, C-3, 5 Ply Plywood
  • ½” x 4’ x 8’ VC, C-3, 9 Ply Plywood
  • ¾” x 4’ x 8’ VC, C-3, 13 Ply Plywood

Buy Imported Plywood in St. Louis

If you would like to learn more about any of the types of imported plywood that we carry in stock in our St. Louis stores, please contact us today. You can also come into our St. Louis area stores to purchase the plywood you need for any project. With our complete selection of imported plywood and hardwood plywood in stock, contractors, hobbyists, and woodworkers alike will be able to find just the plywood that they need for any project.