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What is an Ipe Deck?

Are you looking to build a deck that goes with your elegant home? Perhaps, building an ipe deck is the perfect solution for you. Ipe is a hardwood that is found in Central and South America. Ipe is particularly known for its unparalleled durability and its resistance towards rotting and the build-up of mold. Ipe is also repellant against insects, which can cause serious damage. Ipe has become hugely popular because it is naturally abundant in tropical areas and can be sustainably harvested. It is an eco-friendly alternative to other kinds of hardwood.

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we can offer quality ipe deck building materials to customer around the St. Louis area. Since our humble beginnings in the year 1988, we have now become one of the leading hardwood suppliers in the St. Louis region, and we pride ourselves on our professional staff and wide range of quality products.

To learn more about ipe decking or to purchase the ipe deck building supplies that you need, contact us today or come by one of our St. Louis area stores.

Why Choose an Ipe Deck?
If you are contemplating building a deck around your home, an ipe deck may be the right choice for you. There is truly no downside in choosing an ipe deck over other decking materials or composite decking alternatives. Beyond its reddish-brown finish that gives it a natural beauty, ipe is one of the strongest materials used in decking, and it is extremely long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance. Additionally, Ipe decks are resistant to weather and insects. As a result of these and many other benefits, an ipe deck is a wise choice for many.

Benefits of an ipe deck include:

  • Insect Resistance: One of the greatest fears of any homeowner is an insect invasion. Beyond the fact that it throws your domestic life into utter disarray, extermination procedures take a long time and are very expensive. Why not just avoid the entire episode by creating an ipe deck over composite decking? Ipe decks offer an increased degree of resistance to insects that cause serious damage to the foundations of homes.
  • Minimal Maintenance: Because of its unique grain pattern that is characterized by high density and tightness, an ipe deck becomes extremely resistant to rotting and wood decay. The composition of ipe wood ensures that you will not have to spend much time and energy maintaining your ipe deck. Ipe decks also are wonderfully resistance to the build up of mold and fungal growth.
  • Heat Resistance: Ipe decks reflect rather than absorb heat. They will remain cool even on a hot day with the sun glaring down on you.
  • Strength: Once again, due to ipe wood’s dense nature, an ipe deck can sustain large amounts of weight, constant movement and pressure changes without compromising its structural integrity. Ipe decks are not prone to weathering.
  • Durability: Due to its high density and its intricate grain pattern that could be linear or curved, ipe decks offer large friction and increased grip. Moreover, its density also disallows it from accumulating scratches and friction marks.

An Ipe Deck Is A Wise Investment
While at first glance, an ipe deck may appear to be more expensive than other kinds of wood or composite decks, it is always important to factor in the cost of maintaining the deck over time. An ipe deck has a lifespan much larger than other kinds of wood decks and requires minimum maintenance. Therefore, in the long run, an ipe deck is the smart option. An ipe deck is also environmentally friendly as ipe is abundant in Central and South America and can be cultivated and re-harvested sustainably.

Buy Ipe Deck Material from St. Charles Hardwoods in St. Louis
If you are interested in constructing an ipe deck for your home, look no further than St. Charles Hardwoods. With our wide selection of products, we can supply all of the materials needed for your deck construction project. Contact our hardwood lumber company or visit one of our stores to learn more about ipe decks and to see our complete selection of ipe deck materials.