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Lumber: Domestic & Exotic Hardwood Lumber in St. Louis

At our St. Charles lumber stores, we carry a wide selection of hardwood lumber including both domestic and exotic species. With our large selection of lumber in stock, we have the lumber to meet any customers’ needs including the needs of professionals, contractors, woodworkers, and do-it-yourselfers.

To learn more about our entire selection of lumber that we have available, please contact us or come by one of our stores today.

Types of Lumber Available in Stock in our St. Louis Lumber Stores

As a leading hardwood lumber company in the St. Louis area, we stock over 40 different species of hardwood lumber in our lumber stores. With over 10,000 board feet of lumber in stock, we have the lumber that you will need for any project. Whether you are a professional contractor, a woodworking hobbyist, or a do-it-yourselfer, we have the lumber to meet your needs.

Learn about the types of lumber that we carry in stock in our St. Charles lumber stores below or see our entire selection of hardwood lumber including S3S and S4S, exotic and domestic lumber that we carry by coming to one of our St. Louis area stores.

S3S Lumber

S3S lumber is lumber that is surfaced on three sides. This lumber is straight line ripped on one edge and is surfaced on both faces. This lumber is sold by the board foot. At St. Charles Hardwoods, we carry a variety of types of S3S lumber in stock including both domestic and exotic species. Learn more about our selection of S3S lumber online or visit our stores to purchase lumber from our wide selection of in stock S3S lumber.

S3S Domestic Lumber:

  • Alder Lumber
  • Aromatic Cedar Lumber
  • Ash Lumber
  • Basswood Lumber
  • Birch Lumber
  • Beech Lumber
  • Butternut Lumber
  • Cherry Lumber
  • Cypress Lumber
  • Hard Maple Lumber
  • Hickory Lumber
  • Locust Lumber
  • Paulownia Lumber
  • Pecan Lumber
  • Poplar Lumber
  • Red Oak Lumber
  • Sassafras Lumber
  • Soft Maple Lumber
  • Sycamore Lumber
  • Walnut Lumber
  • White Oak Lumber

S3S Exotic Lumber:

  • African Mahogany Lumber
  • Andiroba Lumber
  • Blood Wood Lumber
  • Bocote Lumber
  • Bolivian Rosewood Lumber
  • Canary Wood Lumber
  • Goncalo Alves Lumber
  • Granadillo Lumber
  • Guancaste Lumber
  • Honduras Rosewood Lumber
  • Jatoba Lumber
  • Lacewood Lumber
  • Morado Lumber
  • Padauk Lumber
  • Plantation Teak Lumber
  • Prima-Vera Lumber
  • Purple Heart Lumber
  • Red Heart Lumber
  • Shedua Lumber
  • Spanish Cedar Lumber
  • Teak Lumber
  • Wenge / Panga Panga
  • Yellow Heart Lumber
  • Zebra Wood Lumber
  • Zircote Lumber

S4S Lumber

Lumber: Domestic & Exotic Lumber

S4S lumber is lumber that has been finished on all four sides. Because this wood is planed or surfaced on all sides, the dimensions are slightly smaller than listed and this lumber is considered to be sold by the lineal foot. The main advantage of S4S lumber is that it is suitable for uses when all sides will be exposed such as for decorative railings or fencing. Woodworkers also use S4S lumber for wood projects that require carving as the wood surface does not need to be smoothed before use.

Our selection of S4S lumber that we carry in stock includes the following species in several popular sizes.

Buy Domestic & Exotic Lumber in St. Louis

To buy any of the domestic and exotic lumber that we carry in our St. Louis area stores or to see our entire selection of hardwood lumber, please contact us or come by one of our St. Charles Hardwoods stores.