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St. Charles Hardwoods Offers Many Different Types of Mouldings

In earlier times, decorative mouldings and woodwork in a home represented wealth and elegance. These elements show a special care and attention to detail that many builder grade homes lack today. However, adding these elements to your home or commercial space can evoke the same feelings and create a cohesive and pulled together look.

If you are looking for decorative trim and mouldings for your home, look no further than St. Charles Hardwoods – the premier hardwood products manufacturer and supplier in the St. Louis area. Our hand carved hardwood mouldings are highly sought after and with an extensive variety of wood mouldings available, you are sure to find the pieces to fit your home and style.

Not only do we have a large collection of wood mouldings in stock, we also operate a local mill that allows us to create custom wood mouldings for you that are completely unique and striking. Our wood mouldings can blend transitions between windows, walls, and ceilings producing an elegant finished look. Our wood mouldings can also be used in combination with hardwood paneling for even further customization.

To learn more about our types of mouldings available or to see our selection of in stock items, contact our hardwood lumber company or visit one of our stores today.

Our Extensive Range of Wood Mouldings

Our hand carved wood mouldings are made from top-quality wood and are crafted by artisans with years of experience. We craft wood mouldings using a variety of wood species, with our most popular wood species being Poplar, Birch, Red Oak, Pine, Walnut, Cherry, and Hard Maple. Whether you want to use mouldings as decorative accents to add beauty, charm, and elegance to your space or as a means to cover seams between structures, we provide a huge variety of mouldings.

These include:

  • Crown Moulding: Crown moulding is used to hide the seam where the ceiling meets the walls. Crown molding is placed diagonally between the wall and the ceiling and comes in a variety of styles in different wood species to give your otherwise boring ceiling a stylish new look.
  • Panel Moulding: Panel moulding is often used on walls, ceilings, doors, etc. to create raised panels that are very ornate. It adds to the texture of the walls, can be used as wainscoting to add more detail to doors, and can be combined with medallions and rosettes to create intricately detailed ceilings.
  • Baseboard Moulding: Although these mouldings are less ornate than other mouldings, they can add a finished look to any space. They are used to cover the seam between floors and walls. Our baseboard mouldings come in various sizes, starting from 2 ¼” and going over 5”. These can cover any irregularities where the floor meets the walls.
  • Chair Rail Moulding: Chair rail mouldings are used to divide the surface of the wall allowing homeowners to add different designs, paint colors, and wallpapers in each section for very dramatic effects. As they protrude from the surface of the wall, and are installed at 36” inches above the floor, they are also used to protect the walls from damage from the backs of chairs.

This is just a very small list of all the mouldings that you can get from St. Charles Hardwoods. We also offer casings, fireplace mantel mouldings, cap mouldings, mullions, plinth blocks, hand rail mouldings, rope mouldings, rosettes, bar mouldings and many other types of mouldings making us the one-stop shop in Missouri for all your moulding needs.

Shop Our Selection of Mouldings in St. Louis

If you would like to learn more about the types of mouldings that we have available, come in to one of our stores today. You can also call the experts at St. Charles Hardwoods at (636) 926-2000 or (636) 717-1770 and we will help you choose and install the best-quality mouldings in your residential or commercial space.