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Newels: Decorative Turned Wood & Boxed Newels

Wood Newels: Box, Ball Top, & Pin Top Newels

Newels serve as a basic foundation for staircases as they provide the key support that secures the handrails in place. However, because newels are typically adorned with decorative carvings and other stylish elements, they can also add style and design to any staircase. At St. Charles Hardwoods in St. Louis, we sell a wide variety of types and styles of newels. This includes ball top and mushroom top oak turned newels in a variety of heights and thicknesses.

To see our entire selection of newels available, please contact our hardwood lumber company or visit one of our stores located in the St. Louis area.

Our Wood Newels

At our St. Charles hardwood stores, we carry a variety of types of wood newels including newels of all sizes and styles. These newels will add design and elegance to your stairway and can help your staircase to create a significant impression.

We carry the following newels in stock in Oak at our stores:

  • C-4040 BT 3” x 3” x 48” Ball Top Newel
  • C-4042 BT 3” x 3” x 54” Ball Top Newel
  • C-4045 BT 3” x 3” x 60” Ball Top Newel
  • C-4040 3” x 3” x 48” Ball Traditional Newel
  • C-4042 3” x 3” x 54” Ball Traditional Newel
  • C-4045 3” x 3” x 60” Ball Traditional Newel
  • C-4007 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 48” Ball Top Newel
  • C-4008 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 54” Ball Top Newel
  • C-4009 3 ½ x 3 ½ x 54” Ball Top Newel
  • C-4030 3” x 3” x 48” Pin Top Newel
  • C-4035 3” x 3” x 60” Pin Top Newel
  • C-4210 3 ½” x 3 ½” x 48” Pin Top Newel
  • C-4215 3 ½” x 3 ½” x 60” Pin Top Newel
  • Also Box Newels and S4S Newels are stocked

To purchase these wood newels or to learn more about the other types of wood newels that we have available, please visit one of our St. Louis area stores or contact us at our hardwood lumber company.

Selecting Newels for your Staircase

Newels or newel posts are the upright posts that form the backbone of your staircase. These are intended to anchor the stair handrail so that the staircase remains durable and sturdy. Typically, a starting newel is placed at the bottom of the stairs, where the staircase begins. A second newel is then placed at the top end of the stairs, which is called a landing newel. Newels can also be placed at landings or in places where the handrail changes direction. These are called intermediate newels.

While newels serve an important purpose of adding durability to the staircase and anchoring the handrail into place, they can also add style and design to a staircase as a decorative element. Newels can come in many styles and designs including in a variety of wood species. The two main types of wood newels are turned newels and box newels. Turned newels are made from solid wood that is turned or milled into a decorative profile. Boxed newels are made from hollow wooden boxes with a wooden cap molded at the top. Each of these newel styles can add a distinct style and elegance to any staircase.

Buy Wood Newels in St. Louis

To see the selection of wood newels and other stair parts that we supply or carry in stock in our St. Louis stores, please visit one of our St. Charles Hardwoods locations or contact us at our hardwood lumber stores. With our wide selection of newels and other stair parts, you are sure to find the materials you need for any stair construction project.