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Picture Frame Molding: Common Types & Uses

Do you have paintings, posters, or photographs that you want to put up at home? Are you having difficulty finding the right frame to suit your paintings? Picture frame molding is an exquisite way to add rich design and elegance to your home while enhancing your art or treasured pictures. Wooden picture frame molding comes in many different varieties and sizes to match any picture or painting being framed. Choosing the right picture frame molding for your paintings can help enhance the look of your artwork and provide a cohesive, pulled-together style for your home.

Custom wood picture frames can be difficult to find and even harder to make. Finding a good picture frame molding vendor is not an easy task. St. Charles Hardwoods has been in the woodworking industry for over fifteen years, having developed a reputation as one of the leading companies in the area. We offer a wide range of custom wood molding and other products including custom picture frames.

To learn more about any of the types of mouldings that we sell or to place an order for custom picture frame moulding, call us or come by one of our stores today.

What is Picture Frame Molding?

Picture frame molding comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes, and in many cases, you can even customize the molding per your own specifications. Once the picture frame molding has been handcrafted according to your requirements and with the wood of your choice, you can choose what kind of staining or finish you would like to apply over it. Therefore, you can ensure that your frames are consistent and coordinate with the rest of your home. Picture frame molding is made from many different types of wood. Some of the most common species include red oak, poplar, birch, hard maple, cherry, pine, or walnut.

From creating custom frames for family photographs to creative art projects, picture frame molding has many uses. For example:

  • Picture frame molding can be used to create custom frames for large art pieces and treasured art work. Picture frame moldings can be simple to allow the beauty of a piece to show through or more intricate to complement more detailed wall art and paintings.
  • Picture frame moldings can also come in simpler forms so as to accommodate family photographs or portraits. While family photos will typically have a simple picture frame molding that does not take attention away from the photograph itself, individual portraits may call for a grand frame to accentuate the subject of the portrait.
  • Adding picture frame molding to a personal bedroom mirror is also a commonly used technique to add richness and style to your home. Mirrors with beautifully designed picture frame moldings add an element of grace and elegance to dining rooms and bathrooms as well.

Order Custom Picture Frame Molding from St. Charles Hardwoods in St. Louis

If you are looking for that ideal frame to bring out the best in your paintings and truly elevate the general aesthetic of your home, come by either of our St. Louis area stores today. You can see our selection of in stock picture frame molding or, if you are looking for a particular style of frame, we can create custom picture frame molding from a nearly limitless variety of options. You can also call us at (636) 926-2000 or (636) 717-1770 to learn more about any of the custom woodwork and moldings we can supply.