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Picture Frames: Buy Custom Wood Picture Frames in St. Louis

Picture frames can be made from many materials including wood, bronze, silver, plastic, and polystyrene along with several other materials. Yet wooden picture frames continue to be the most preferred. Wood picture frames can be finished to match every style from rustic to elegant and they offer a timeless beauty that will last for many years. Additionally, wooden picture frames can be customized to bring out the character of any painting or photograph.

Since our inception in the year 1988, St. Charles Hardwoods has always aimed to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in woodwork and home renovation. Our objective has always been to provide products of genuine quality, while establishing an honest and professional relationship with our clients. We continue this today by supplying a large variety of types of custom woodwork and trim for use throughout homes.

Our selection of custom made and hand carved products includes custom wood picture frames. We can make picture frames in any size and in nearly limitless varieties. To learn more or to see our selection of in stock frames, visit one of our St. Louis area stores today.

Making Picture Frames

Using the appropriate picture frame for a painting can completely transform the ambience of a room. Large picture frames and decorative picture frames allow photographs or paintings to take on more importance and can draw attention to a piece. In this way, the right picture frame has the unique ability to make a painting or photograph the centerpiece of a room.

When designing a custom picture frame, you must consider the many different style options you have. Picture frames are traditionally made in squares or rectangles, but circular and oval frames are another option. Additionally, picture frame molding can be carved in a limitless variety of styles.

The process of making custom picture frames includes the following steps:

  • The first thing to be done is to identify the dimensions of the frame. You should ensure that the frame‚Äôs dimensions are slightly larger than the painting. Otherwise, portions of the painting or photograph may not be visible.
  • You must then decide the type of frame to be used. Picture frames can be made from different wood species, each having unique qualities and colors when finished. Some types of wood offer a more rustic look while others can be stained and varnished for an elegant look.
  • Next, the wood is cut or carved with whatever style or pattern is desired. This can be done using a specialized machine or by hand carving, depending on the intricacy of the design.
  • Traditional square or rectangular picture frames are made by creating and combining four different pieces of wood. Typically, each piece will be slightly larger than the given dimensions. This extra wood is so that the corners can be mitered and connected later.
  • Each end of each wood piece is then mitered to a 45-degree angle. Once the pieces are mitered, wood glue and clamps are used to connect the ends of wood pieces together to create the frame.
  • V nails are then hammered into rear of the wooden frame at the corners to improve its stability and consequently its durability. Once this is done, the corner clamps can be removed safely.
  • Once the wood glue has dried, a desired finish can be applied.

Order Custom Picture Frames from St. Charles Hardwoods

As you can imagine, making picture frames is a detail-oriented process that takes time, skill, and effort. Making a picture frame that is firstly aesthetically appealing and secondly safe and durable can be massive challenge for an amateur woodwork artist.

At St. Charles Hardwoods, our team of woodwork specialists has years and years of experience and expertise when it comes to making picture frames. Therefore, we ensure top quality results every time. We can provide standard or custom wall picture frames in any size and in a wide variety of styles.

To learn more, call us at (636)717-1770 or (636) 926-2000 or visit one of our stores in St. Louis today!