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Why Use Saw Stop Table Saws?

Saw Stop Table Saws in St. Louis

In the past, woodwork engineers such as carpenters and craftsmen were forced to use tools and equipment that constantly put them at risk for serious injury. There were poor safety standards and the industry recorded high rates of accidents and injuries. Saw Stop table saws, upon their introduction into the market in 1999, changed all of that. Saw Stop saws incorporate a unique automatic breaking system that greatly reduces the risk of and extent of table saw injuries and accidents.

St. Charles Hardwoods in St. Louis is an authorized dealer of Saw Stop table saws. We can supply all types of Saw Stop saws to professionals and hobbyists. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Saw Stop table saws or you would like to see our selection of saws available, please contact us or visit one of our St. Louis area woodworking stores today.

How Do Saw Stop Table Saws Work?

Saw Stop table saws are one of the most significant inventions in the power tool industry. These saws revolutionized the industry and set a safety standard for all other power tool companies. Saw Stop table saws are considered the safest and most technologically advanced saws in the world. All Saw Stop table saws feature the patented automatic braking system, which ensures that craftsmen and engineers do not suffer major injuries that could jeopardize their physical state and livelihoods.

Here is how this technology works:

  • Saw Stop table saws use an advanced system that electronically detects when a person’s skin has come into contact with the saw. This works because an electrical signal is generated through the saw blade.
  • Then, while the saw is turned on and operational Saw Stop table saws use processors that digitally monitor and record the electrical signal induced on the blade. If the electrical signal records any interruption, the machine will immediately turn off.
  • Because the human body has a high level of conductivity, electricity from the saw travels instantaneously from the blade to the individual, creating an effect on the recorded electrical signal. Wood on the other hand does not conduct electricity. This means that the electricity will not travel through the wood.
  • When cutting wood safely, the electrical signal will show constant current over time, indicating that the signal is uninterrupted.
  • Once the electrical signal drops, indicating that the blade has come into contact with the human body, the brake mechanism comes into immediate action. The brake uses a thick, strong spring to shove an aluminum block in between the teeth of the saw and create a resistance.
  • This spring remains in its compressed position until human contact with the blade is detected. Upon detection, the fuse wire it is connected to is burned, and the spring extends pushing the aluminum block towards the spinning blade.
  • The entire process from contact detection, to the halting of the spinning blade takes only around three to five milliseconds. This helps prevent serious injury from occurring.

Buy Saw Stop Table Saws from St. Charles Hardwoods

Advantages of Saw Stop Table Saws

Saw Stop table saws are perhaps the most sought after types woodworking equipment available on the market. The patented braking system that Saw Stop table saws use has received much praise and this technology represents a monumental advancement in the power tool industry. Although new research is being conducted to make the power tools and equipment even safer, Saw Stop table saws still remain the crowning glory of the industry.

St. Charles Hardwoods is proud to sell all varieties of Saw Stop table saws. Therefore, all types of woodwork specialists, from contractors to carpenters, are guaranteed to find their ideal option among the models of Saw Stop table saws we have.

If you are a contractor, carpenter, artisan, or simply a woodwork enthusiast, be sure one of our St. Louis stores or contact us today to learn more.