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What are Wood Dowels Used for?

Many homeowners and woodworking enthusiasts enjoy the experience of using their own handyman skills to create beautiful pieces for their own home or for friends. However, regardless of whether you are a professional or not, you still need the right equipment and tools for the job. Whether you are engaging in cabinet making or constructing a structure that requires fastening components, you will likely need wood dowels to complete your project. Fastening and strengthening two components is just one of the many uses for wood dowels. However, there are many other uses for which wood dowels can come in handy.

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we are one of the leading hardwood and lumber suppliers in the St. Louis region. Having experience in the woodwork industry since 1988, we can provide you with top of the line products and services that are specifically customized towards each unique project. Wood dowels are just one among the hundreds of products we sell. To learn more about the types of products we sell contact our hardwood lumber company online or visit one of our stores today.

Common Applications for Wood Dowels

Wood dowels were one of the first tools ever used in woodworking and have a long history. Wood dowels come in a large number of sizes and shapes. While wood dowels are most often used to secure two objects together, they are versatile tools and can be used in several other kinds of woodworking projects as well. The following are some conventional and unconventional uses of wood dowels:

  • Wood dowels are primarily used in re-enforcing joints. In this sense, they are extremely handy when constructing shelves or during cabinet making.
  • Wood dowels can be used to increase the strength of any kind of wood-based handle. For example, wood dowels can be used for increasing the strength of broomstick handles that are hollow, easily broken, or bent. When used in conjunction with rubber cement or adhesives, large wood dowels can replace or strengthen wood-based handles.
  • Wood dowels can also be used for replacing broken chair rails. By using sandpaper, wood dowels can be customized to fit into a chair’s open peg holes and then glued in place.
  • Another application is to use wood dowels to create hanging rods in a cupboard or closet. To do this, you simply place a wood dowel between two opposing walls and create a hole/peg on either wall that will secure the wood dowel horizontally between the walls.
  • Wood dowels can also be used to create handy storage solutions in kitchen cabinets including plate racks as well.
  • Wood dowels are also sometimes used to create a hanging rod for decorative quilts and tapestries. This is done by creating notches on either sides of a wood dowel, tying strings on each end, and running the wood dowel through the casing of a wall hanging.

Find Wood Dowels for All of Your Needs at St. Charles Hardwoods

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we sell has wood dowels of all shapes and sizes that can cater to your unique specifications. This includes wood dowels with diameters ranging from a quarter of an inch up to 2 inches, and wood dowels with a length of 3 inches and longer. We also have tapered and grooved dowel rods, as well as wood dowels made from ash, cherry, birch, hard maple, poplar, soft maple, red oak, walnut, and white oak.

To learn more about working with wood dowels or to purchase any type of wood dowels, visit one of our St. Louis area stores today.