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What Are Decorative Picture Frames?

Many of us have photographs or paintings that we would like to put up in our homes. These pictures may have sentimental value or they may be used simply to improve your home’s general aesthetic. One important thing to realize is that each picture has distinct qualities that need to be catered to in order to derive maximum effect. A fine art photograph or a painting will have a theme or design that decorative picture frames will need to compliment in order to enhance the portrait. Additionally, the right type of decorative picture frame can tie a piece in with the décor of your home. While decorative picture frames can add immense value to a piece of art, the frames themselves are also often used as decorative pieces in homes.

St. Charles Hardwoods is a leading woodwork specialist and lumber supply company in St. Louis, Missouri. We supply a large number of custom wood pieces and decorative woodworking elements. This includes a wide variety of decorative picture frames that we carry in stock as well as a limitless ability to create custom wooden picture frames.

Decorative Picture Frames: Types of Woods Used

When choosing the right decorative picture frames, you will need to consider several factors. There is a huge variety of woods available today that may be used in making decorative picture frames. Each wood has its own unique characteristics relating to strength, durability, color, texture, and general aesthetic. Woods need to be carefully chosen, balancing their visual appeal, practicality, and overall cohesiveness with the rest of your home.

Here are some of the most popular wood species that we use when making decorative picture frames:

  • Walnut: Walnut is highly cherished for decorative picture frames because it has a beautiful natural finish. In fact, this wood does need a layer of satin, just a clear coat finish. The most popular varieties of walnut wood are English walnut, black walnut, and white walnut.
  • Cherry: Cherry is one of the most popular types of wood used throughout the home for furnishings and décor. This wood is known for its vibrant rich reddish brown color.
  • Oak: Another popular hardwood that has value in making decorative picture frames is oak wood. Oak is an immensely strong and durable hardwood with a high density. It also has aesthetically appealing grain patterns, which is why it commonly used for manufacturing picture frames.
  • Maple: Maple hardwoods come in different colors and types. Typically, though, maple is considered a tough and durable hardwood, similar to oak. Maple woods are separated into different categories based on their differing grain patterns that are known to be visually appealing.
  • Poplar: Poplar is also commonly used to make decorative picture frames. Poplar is another hardwood that has brownish-gray streaks that run through its grain pattern.
  • Other types of Wood: Some other types of wood that are also commonly used to make decorative picture frames include ash, redwood, and cedar. These woods are commonly used throughout homes. Therefore, are desirable as picture frames for those looking to match wood picture frames to other woodwork throughout their home.

Visit St. Charles Hardwoods for the Best Decorative Picture Frames

St. Charles Hardwoods can provide a variety of different wood species for making custom decorative wood picture frames. Whether you are trying to match existing frames or woodwork in your home or you simply want to create unique frames to display photos or artwork, we can help you.

To learn more or to purchase any of our decorative wood frames, contact us or visit our St. Louis or St. Charles store.