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Fireplace Mantels: Common Types and Styles

Wooden fireplace mantels can add a wonderful aesthetic quality to any home, and they can easily become the centerpiece of any room. There is a huge amount of variety in the styles and designs of wooden fireplace mantels that are available today. For example, fireplace mantels are sold in many different shapes and sizes. They can also come in an endless variety of styles and can be made from many different species of wood. At St. Charles Hardwoods, we sell a limitless variety of fireplace mantels including many hand carved styles and custom designs.

St. Charles Hardwoods began in 1988 as a small lumber supply company consisting of just two members. Over the last several decades, we have grown to become one of the leading home renovation and lumber supply companies in the St. Louis area. We now supply a huge selection of custom fireplace mantels as well as many types of hand carved appliqués, corbels, and other wood pieces.

To learn more about the products we can supply or to place an order, contact us or come in to one of our St. Louis area hardwood lumber company stores today.

Types and Styles of Fireplace Mantels Available

Wood fireplace mantels can be made in many different styles and types to suit nearly any taste. When selecting the best fireplace mantel, it is important to choose a type of fireplace mantel that compliments the décor and aesthetics of your home. St. Charles Hardwoods uses top of the line equipment to make its fireplace mantels. We can create custom fireplace mantels using nearly any type of wood, and our team of professionals is able to fully customize mantels to your exact specifications and tastes. This includes incorporating many hand carved elements and features.

Fireplace mantels come in multiple styles, and the style is determined by the type of wood and the design elements included. The style of mantel you select should be consistent with the general décor of your home. For example, for a more modern or contemporary style home, it is likely that you would style your mantel with straight and simple, well-defined lines. On the other hand, for a more elegant look, you would want to include more intricate classical or Victorian wood molding techniques.

At St. Charles Hardwoods, we can supply fireplace mantels that serve all kinds of aesthetics. These include:

  • Formal Fireplace Mantels
  • Traditional Wood Fireplace Mantels
  • Elegant Fireplace Mantels
  • Rustic Fireplace Mantels
  • Craftsman Style Fireplace Mantels
  • Simplistic & Modern Fireplace Mantels
  • Contemporary Fireplace Mantels
  • Double Fireplace Mantels
  • Fireplace Mantel Shelves
  • Columns for Fireplace Mantels

Choosing St. Charles Hardwoods Fireplace Mantels

If you are looking for fireplace mantels of any custom style or design, we welcome you contact us with your requirements or preferences. As a local lumber mill and hardwoods supplier in St. Louis, we can create customized mantels that cater exactly to the décor of your home. We are also able to include a variety of hand carved ornamental features like molding, overlays, brackets, appliqués, etc. that serve to highlight the charm of our fireplace mantels.

Our mantels are made using the best possible hardwoods available in the market today. We can make mantels from nearly any species. When you choose us, you can rest assured that qualified woodwork professionals supervise and tend to the creation of all of our fireplace mantels ensuring immense quality and craftsmanship. We can integrate multiple decorative or ornamental features into your fireplace mantel and will help you create the custom fireplace of your dreams.

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